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3 Best Kitchen Degreaser All Time

Is your kitchen messed up with grease and grime? Nothing you do seems to help? You can easily solve this issue with the right kitchen degreaser. This guide will walk you through three best kitchen degreasers that you can rely on, no matter the type of kitchen you have.

Kitchens are usually filled with stains and greasy surfaces. Cooking food generates such stains, and they latch on to the kitchen, making it dirty. In such a situation, only the best kitchen degreaser would be able to solve this problem.

Whether you are passionate about cooking, or just want a clean and good-looking kitchen, the best degreaser for kitchen can achieve that for you, as simple water is simply unable to get rid of stains of grease and layers of fat.
Additionally, various degreasers are also able to reduce the odor of the kitchen. These heavy duty kitchens degreasers can clean a wide range of surfaces within the kitchen.

A good kitchen degreaser is one that saves you time, energy, and money while providing you with the same cleaning experience that you desire. Some of the best kitchen degreaser are suggested here, including Goo Gone and Krud Kutter reviews.

3 Best Kitchen Degreaser in 2022

Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

Goo Gone is perfect for smaller kitchens that are not used in a commercial environment. It makes use of a simplistic formula that is friendly for the environment. However, it is still strong enough to remove grease, stains, and thick layers of fat with ease.

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It also reduces odor in the kitchen, as it can trap the molecules that make up the odor. Goo Gone can be used on a wide range of surfaces and equipment, including your coffee machine.

It is truly one of the best kitchen degreaser cleaners on this list.

Being one the best heavy duty kitchen degreasers, it has several selling points that might grab your attention. Despite its powerful formula, it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It reduces lingering odor from the air effectively.

As it is a non-perfume formula, it is safe for daily usage. Finally, as the formula itself is quite powerful, it does not require hard scrubbing at all.

Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser

The product is known as Krud Kutter KK32, and it is one of the most powerful degreasers ever. Not being limited to the greasiness of your kitchen alone, this strong degreaser can clean grease,
fat, oil, and even ink or paint. It is designed to remove any need for other similar cleaning products.

Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser

It makes use of a reliable formula, which is both powerful and biodegradable. Krud Kutter is the best degreaser for commercial kitchens for these feats. Besides, it is also able to get rid of the bad
odor from the kitchen.

Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser is one of the best kitchen degreasers cleaners for some convincing reasons. It makes use of moa powerful formula compared to the competition, and this allows the product to clean a wide range of stains and grease, including paint, glue or ink.

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As the formula is based on water, it is safe for use on metal, wood, vinyl, etc. The method is not toxic at all, and instead releases a light smell that reduces a bad odor from the kitchen. Scrubbing
hard is also no longer required due to the power of the formula, making it the best degreaser for kitchens.

Spray Nine Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser

The product is known as Spray Nine 26832, and it is easily one of the most versatile degreasers currently on the market. It is not only a powerful kitchen degreaser but also a lethal killer of germs and viruses.

It works on almost any surface that requires a strong effect, so it is not very useful on wooden floors or furnishings. Many users choose Spray Nine to be the best degreaser for a commercial kitchen, as the cleaning process is more simple than any other.

The user needs to generously spray the cleaner on the stained surface and let it sit for about fifteen minutes, after which, it can easily be cleaned up with a cloth. Despite leaving a strong chemical smell for some time, it is non-toxic does not leave behind harmful chemical fumes.

It is not merely strong; instead, it makes use of an industrial-grade formula. It works on a wide range of surfaces and materials, including painted walls, car engines, and even delicate fabrics. It can be even able to break down the soil stuck on clothes and makes the cleaning process more comfortable uses.


The best kitchen degreaser among these products cannot be ascertained without being objective. It is your use case that will decide which one works best for you. The milder solutions work better for smaller kitchens, while the stronger formulas are better for commercial kitchens. If you are not keen about keeping a pleasant odor in the kitchen, go for Spray Nine. In any other cases, choose between Goo Gone and Krud Kutter, both of which are exceptionally capable at what they are meant to do.

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