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6 Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors In 2024

We have got so many options nowadays for cleaning our home and reducing household work time. However, vacuum cleaners may be effective for most floors, but cleaning with mops completes that. That’s why most people look for the best mop for vinyl plank floor. 

Anyway, knowing which is the best is tricky unless you try multiple similar items and compare them. That’s why it is best to try the items from the leading or top list that can meet your necessities. 

Please remember that each product or kit is different because people’s requirements vary a lot.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank is one of the latest additions that provides a more durable floor. It’s because the plank version of vinyl tiles has more rigidity and density. Moreover, the tiles are pretty easy to install and maintain. You can have a perfectly beautiful look once you choose realistic vinyl plank floors. 

When you think of cleaning the floor, choosing the right products for cleaning vinyl plank floors is essential for its maintenance. Is that only enough? No, you have to find out the best method to clean it for a better result. You can clean the vinyl plank floor in different methods.

First of all, you have to concentrate on the liquid cleanser along with the mop that profoundly cleans the vinyl plank floor. Most people usually choose the vinegar solution to clean because it doesn’t leave marks or decays the floor material.

Let’s see how to clean the vinyl plank floor with the proper mop and solution.

●       First, you will have to mix the vinegar with water inside a bucket to prepare the cleanser.

●       After your mixture is ready, you have to get the best floor mop and damp it inside the bucket.

●       When the mop is wet enough, you must start cleaning the floor with it, but if there is any stain, you have to scrub that first.

●       However, you have to wipe the whole floor with the mop and let it dry; you don’t have to rinse it again with water.

1. O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Microfiber Mop

That is the first item we have got that you can keep in your consideration because people voted it to be one of the best ones. However, let’s see which specifications and features make it stand out of all.

As its name already indicates, it has a microfiber cloth at the mop head, and the cloth doesn’t look too odd as it’s not excessively big. It is suitable to wipe a moderate or small area, not a big one. 

Anyway, the microfiber used here is efficient enough to absorb the water quickly and doesn’t let the water spoil the machine. The advantage of using it is that it can deeply clean your vinyl floor, even with water. 

That means it is not compulsory to have anything extra mixed with water if you’re using this mop.

As it requires electricity and it’s corded, it doesn’t come with power storage or battery, making it a very lightweight item. However, it has a two-sided mop head, which means you don’t have to change or flip quite often. As a result, the cleaning process is faster than an ordinary mop.

It has a bottle attached, which is reusable, making it quite convenient; you can also refill the bottle when you need it. The one-touch bottle release feature here makes replacing the bottles when necessary. 

You can use one bottle for 3-6 months, but it is a good chance afterward, even if it’s not damaged. You’re good to use it without water, and the mop pad here is also changeable. 


Brand: O-Cedar

Color: Red

Weight: 1.32 pounds

Dimensions: 56×4.6×8.4 inches


●  The plastic used here is high-quality.

● Cleans a wide area

● It’s long-lasting 

●  Available at a reasonable price.


●   The performance may decrease quickly.

2. TETHYS Flat Floor Mop with Bucket Set

The traditional picture that comes to mind while thinking about a mop, especially a professional one, is a flat one with a handle. There will also be a bucket with water, and the cleaner will dip the mop and clean the floor. However, let’s see what things the product set has for us.

You will first see a two grooved bucket that can provide you with water of different temperatures. Anyway, the flat mop can help you have water wet and dried whenever you want. The bucket bottom has a feature that offers one to wrench the mop easily without using hands.

The microfiber pads are pretty responsive to water and cleanser; moreover, they are good at absorbing. Besides the vinyl plank floor, you can use the mop set on tiles, rocks, laminate, etc. 

The mop and bucket set is easy to install. Another feature the product has is a swivel head that can rotate up to 280 degrees. Thus it can rotate easily and clean the floor at different angles. So, it doesn’t take long to assemble the items and set up. 

The storage is quite systematic, and it makes the package more compact; therefore, it is enough for saving space. The manufacturer’s warranty is standard as the item is imported from China.


Color: Red and Black or Grey

Material: Plastic, metal, soft foam, microfiber, etc.

Weight: 4.19 pounds

Dimensions: 16×8.75×7.5 inches


● It is easy to clean and maintain 

● It is lightweight 

● The product absorbs the moisture of the mop head

.● Features are good enough and systematic.


● The professional mop set is expensive.

3.O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket

If you’re looking for the best mops for LVT floors, you can consider this as a reliable one. Though it seems to be quite heavy and oversized, it may have some qualities that made it people’s choice. Let’s see what features the package has to fulfill the cleaning requirements.

The red and black bucket is quite spacious and has different sections for the dry area to wrench and water. Moreover, the bucket is easy to refill water and store; thus, you don’t have to change the water pretty often.

The microfiber of the mop is specially modified to kill bacteria and other germs besides cleaning the surface. However, as the mop style is spin, you can hold the handle and move it back and forth, or even round.

The microfibers can clean a wide area, and the advantage is the threads can reach every corner of the floor no matter how difficult it is. The extension is the key feature of any mop, and in this product, the mop handle can extend up to 48 inches.

The mop doesn’t need any extra antibacterial cleaner to be added with water because it is enough to clean the floor. The package comes with four extra refill bottles for placing inside the bucket. Thus, you don’t need to buy any replacement for over a year, but you should be careful while using it.


Color Multi

Type: Spin

Brand: Cedar

Unit Count: 1 count


● The design is effective. 

● The bucket here performs well.

● The materials of the package are of high quality.

● Pretty easy to use.


●       The mop may get damaged quickly.

4. Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Wet+Dry Floor Mop

It is one of the flat floor mops that has been proven suitable for vinyl floors. The details and features about it are given below:

The package is lightweight or heavy, but you can label it as a moderate-weight cleaning product. The dimensions are respectively 25×5.3×4.5 inches; the measurements can be misleading because they may indicate heavy. 

The key feature is that the mop doesn’t need a bucket for the cleaning process as it comes with six wet mop cloths and has two dry ones. Anyway, it is obvious that you will need both damp and dry wipes for your vinyl plank floors.

However, in the absence of a bucket, it is obvious that you will need some extra cleansing agents with water. They can be various chlorides, ethers, polymers, etc. The device has a locking head that keeps anything like dirt, hair, or any particle that got stuck.

The mops used here are extra-large sized, which helps them to reach every corner and clean the floor faster. The dry clothes are also large enough and absorb the water quickly to avoid flood damage.


Color: Multicolor 

Manufacturers: Procter and Gamble

Type: Flat

Weight: 2.55 pounds



● The performance is satisfactory. 

● Cleans a broad area within a short time

● The mop set is durable.

● Easy to operate while cleaning.


● Customer service may have some shortcomings.

5. Bissell SpinWave Pet Hard Floor Spin Mop

Another item that comes to the best-selling list is the spin-wave mop from the Bissell brand. Let’s have a look at its features.

The item is necessary for cleaning the floor where pets dwell; it is a fact that floors get easily dirty if there is a pet. The brand even originated from the foundation that works to save homeless pets. 

The mop pads can spin as the name suggests, but the speed is relatively high; it’s good if you want fast action. The quick rotation helps you to clean the floor better. The mop has the spray control option, which can be used occasionally.

The package comes with six mop pads for different purposes and sizes to replace when needed. The swivel design may be low profile or not as good as others, but it can still provide a satisfactory performance on a hard floor.


Brand: Bissel 

Color: Black and White

Type: Stick

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 26.75×16×7.45


● Cleans everything except grout cracks.

● Attachments are long-lasting. 

● Lightweight and easy to handle.

● It can be suitable for dirt and stain cleaning.


●       Sometimes fails to deep scrub the vinyl plank floor.

6. Bona Hard-Surface Floor Premium Spray Mop

Are you looking for a mop that you can use to clean your tiles or vinyl LVT/LVP, then the hard surface floor premium spray mop from Bona is the one for you. With its extra-large mop head and refillable cartridges, the product is just excellent in a single word. 

The product is formulated to efficiently clean tiles and vinyl LVT/LVP. Moreover, you can now clean 40% faster and cover more area in a single sweep due to its bigger mop head.

You are also getting a 34 oz floor cleaner from the manufacturers, and the cartridges are very straightforward to refill. Moreover, the pad is made from microfiber, making it very easy to clean and does not leave a mark on the floor while mopping. 

Now, the bona spray mop is one of a kind as it comes with a durable rubber handle grip and a second grip for better maneuvering of the mop. Furthermore, the product weighs around 5.8 pounds and has a retractable hook that allows you to store the mop in the smallest of spaces in your house. 

Everything is detachable from the handlebar to the pad, which allows for easy cleaning in small areas and makes it easy to reach faraway corners.


Brand: Bona

Surface recommendation: stone, tile, floor

Special feature: Streak-free


Pros –

● Lightweight and comfortable dual grip

● The dispenser has a spray reach of 2 feet

● It comes with a 16.5 inches mop head

● Sturdy built

Cons –

●   The trigger is not efficient

Buying Guide For The Best Mop For Vinyl Plank Floors 

You must consider some key characteristics that make a mop best for floor cleaning, including the vinyl plank floor. However, if you search for definite qualities in a mop that can fulfill most of your requirements, you must follow some buying guides.

Type of Mop

You will find many types of mops available in the market, but you need to compare them to choose the most suitable item. The types are:

  1. Strip mops are stand mops, but they are pretty good at cleaning even the stubborn dirt on the floor.
  2. String mops are similar to strip mops, and they are better at scrubbing the stains from the vinyl floor. The fabric may cause a damp smell after using; that’s why you should rinse and dry right after using.
  3. Flat mops are one of the most user-friendly items used while cleaning the floor. It is long-lasting, convenient, and lightweight. 
  4. Sponge mops are ideal for the vinyl floor because they have the most required characteristics and are easy to use. 
  5. Steam mops can deep clean a surface and eliminate the necessity of a bucket. But unfortunately, it is not that compatible with vinyl floors. 


You have to wrench the mop fabric, whether it’s cotton or synthetic; otherwise, the extra water will fall upon the floor. As a result, the surface may get slippery, which may cause any severe accident though the vinyl floor is water-resistant.

However, the mop-wrenching mechanism should be good enough not to leave extra moisture on the floor. That’s because extra moisture can sometimes damage the floor. The wrenching point is usually located on the handle in the best floor mop. 

Mop Heads

Mop heads consist of the fabric that cleans the floor; that is the most important thing because it depends on how clean the floor will be. The mop heads vary from synthetic, cotton, microfiber, or sponge.

A sponge is the first choice for vinyl plank floor cleaning. But you must choose the cotton mop head as it is the best absorbent and less prone to cleansers. 

Microfibers may not be as appropriate as the previous two, but they are durable and easy to clean after wiping the floor. However, you should check the materials of the mop head before you purchase that. 


You can choose an adjustable mop if you want to use it for other purposes than floor cleaning. The adjustability means that the mop can be modified according to your need, especially the length. However, a multipurpose cleaning mop has been used to adjust the length and customize the mop head.


You should check the handle while buying a mop because you will hold it while cleaning. Moreover, the handle and additional features help you operate the product. 

The more rigid and user-friendly the mop’s handle will be, the better performance it will provide. You can find different designed handles in the best mops for vinyl plank.

Extra Features 

Some sophisticated mops have extra features, but they are not essential for household purpose mops. Moreover, they increase the price of kits as they have more mechanisms.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.     Is Mopping the Only Way to Clean Vinyl Floor?

The vinyl floor is compatible with vacuum cleaning or regular sweeping, but if the floor has some stains. So, mopping is allowed if the floor is made of vinyl.

2.     Can You Use a Spin Vinyl Plank Floor Mop?

If you see extreme spills, dirt, or stains, you can use a corded spin mop; those are unnecessary for usual cleaning.

3.     What Is the Best Thing to Clean Vinyl Plank?

Apple cider vinegar is the best thing to clean the vinyl plank floors, though plain water is okay for cleaning.


You have come across many products mentioned here, and that will help you find the best mop for vinyl plank floor. Anyway, it is obvious that you may find one best that another one doesn’t. 

The specifications may help you to decide as the public opinions may vary. Moreover, if you fail to search on a trustworthy website, you may not get the correct information. Many people may find fraud sites having paid reviews

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