How to Change Samsung Dryer Song

How to Change Samsung Dryer Song

It’s a very common case if someone tries to change the song on their Samsung dyer. If you are one of them, then congratulations, you have arrived at the right place. We have gathered all the answers to “How to Change Samsung Dryer Song.”

Are you struggling with changing songs on your Samsung dryer? The simple answer to this question is that a Samsung dryer has a number of different options for altering the tone. Adjusting the drum settings is one possible solution. Moreover, adjusting the settings for the exhaust system is still another option.

But how do you proceed further? So let us talk no more and jump into the information to find out how it’s all done.


Why do Samsung home appliances make a singing sound?


Samsung believes that the house should be a place of relaxation and that home appliances should merge organically into the lifestyles of consumers. As a result, the company decided to include this melody in its products.

In contrast, the more conventional alarms from appliances, which tend to have a more mechanical sound, can be annoying and distracting. More than a decade ago, the employee who worked there was the one who decided which song would play on the appliances.

What song runs on the Samsung washing machine?


The Samsung washer and dryer song is an infectious melody that the company has been using to advertise its goods for years. You are not the only one who has questioned the jingle that plays on Samsung washing machines. Do you know which song it is?

A tune from Franz Schubert’s Piano Quintet in A Major, widely known as “The Trout,” serves as the basis for the catchy jingle on a Samsung dryer. It’s referred to as “Die Forelle” in the German language.

Can you change the song on the Samsung dryer?

Due to the fact that the sounds produced by Samsung dryers can differ from model to model and region to region, there is no universal response that applies to all.

However, altering the sound settings and volume, as well as making use of an external speaker, are some suggestions that might be of assistance.

How do you change songs on a Samsung dryer?

In common with the vast majority of other brands of washing machines, Samsung washers come equipped with a sound option. This enables the user to modify the volume and pitch of the machine’s hum in response to changes in the surrounding environment.

The volume of the machine can get changed using the knob that is on the primary control panel of the appliance. This knob also allows the user to select the type of wash cycle they want to use. When you press this knob, the sound of the washing machine will vary, and the monitor panel will show whatever setting gets placed.

For the work to accomplish, you need to follow these steps:

  • Proceed towards the settings of your dryer
  • Select the sound option
  • Choose any one of the melodic songs that you like to play
  • Enjoy the music

How exactly does one disable the music on a Samsung dryer?

It is not possible to switch off the gadgets that are pre-installed in washing machines in order to give music soundtracks. These devices play music continuously. In most cases, they will run constant play if they do not get any instructions to cease playing.

But nevertheless, you can turn those off if you go a little bit technical. You will need to use a computer in order to turn off the music that plays on a Samsung dryer. To use the Samsung CD-ROM on your computer, you will need to place it in the drive on your machine.

As soon as this ends, you will need to navigate to the directory that labels as “Music.” This folder houses all of the bundled music that came with the washer and dryer.

Follow this step mentioned above to edit a file that has the extension. You will need to right-click on the file in question.


How do I quiet my Samsung washer?

A Samsung dryer’s chime can get turned off or changed in the manufacturer’s menu. The Samsung dryer’s control panel handles all communications centrally. Thus, a separate controller is unnecessary. Any modifications to the settings must be made on the control panel and saved before turning off the outlet.

How do I use my Samsung dryer’s sound?

Samsung dryers can execute tumble drying, timed drying, and user-defined drying programs. The device contains an LED display for programming and configuring selections.

Operating a dryer usually involves pressing the top power button. This button beeps when it’s ready to use when you click it.


Playing the same music while washing clothes can be very disturbing sometimes. So you might need to change the song or turn it off if you feel the same.

Finally, after reading this article, you have come to an understanding of “How to Change Samsung Dryer Song.” Now let us discuss it in a very brief way.

So if you are the one who feels disturbed listening to the same song again and again then you can just change the music from the setting option. Read the whole article to learn more about your questions.

Thank you for sticking it out to the end.

See you in the next article.

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