How to Clean a Griddle

How to Clean a Griddle Easy Way

Do you have a stove with a griddle but never use the griddle due to fear of leaving scratch marks while cleaning? Then no worries because my flat top grill cleaner guide is here to answer all of your griddle cleaner queries and show you the best way how to clean a griddle.

If you are reading this article, then you either own an outdoor gourmet griddle or countertop rival griddles, or just a stove with a griddle that you never used before but now want to use, or you are planning to buy a range with a griddle and want to know about griddle cleaning.

Either way, my griddle cleaner guide is here to help you know everything you need to know about griddle cleaning and inform you about the best way to clean a griddle. Before cleaning, you have to know about the methods of cleaning griddles with various ranges.

Generally, the best way to clean a griddle from any range is to take out the gunk, residue, and grime while the griddle is still hot. If you let the greasy mess cool off then, it would settle on the griddle and would be very hard to remove later.

With a flat metal, spatula scrapes the leftover food particles off and sweeps them all into the catching tray while the griddle is still hot. The edge of the spatula should be flat against the surface so that you don’t harm the upper layer of the surface.

Now you can use a little bit of water with a drop of your favorite flat top grill cleaner and let it sizzle over the surface. Don’t let water get anywhere near the burner because that will damage the machine. The boiling water would loosen up greasy debris and make it easy to clean.

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Use a folded-up paper towel along with your spatula and rub it back and forth to clean all the gunk and dirty water. If the buildup still doesn’t come off then use the soapy water again and use a griddle brush or griddle scraper to clean the surface of your griddle thoroughly.

But for your Blackstone griddle cleaning the steps might be slightly different, especially if the griddle is brand new. For Blackstone griddle cleaning and maintenance, you have to focus on seasoning a lot. Also, while cleaning Blackstone griddle only use soap if it’s brand new.

How to clean a Griddle

New Blackstone griddle cleaning can be done with hot water mixed with soap. You should wipe and rub the whole surface with a cloth soaked in this mixture to clean away any residual dirt from storage and shipping. Then wipe it off and dry it thoroughly before you use or store it.

After cleaning your Blackstone griddle, you need to season it properly. You should add 2-3 tablespoons of oil and spread it all over the surface of the griddle and then heat it to the maximum. Once the oil stops smoking up; repeat the process two more times to create perfect seasoning.

For wolf griddle cleaning the steps include some additional kits because griddles from this range tend to turn dark brown and food gets stuck, and the overall surface feels sticky and unpleasant for cooking. You should follow proper guidelines to clean your wolf griddle.

If you want a clean, smooth cooking surface for your wolf griddle, then buy a set of griddle cleaners for your wolf range. A collection of griddle cleaners for the wolf range includes tools like scotch-Brite pads, a squeegee, a spatula; glycerin-based cleaning liquid for your griddle, etc.

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To start the cleaning process first heat the griddle on high heat and pour some cleaning liquid on the griddle. The right amount of heat will make the soap bubble up, lesser heat will make it just sit, and too much heat will make it smoke, you don’t want either of that.

Now from your wolf griddle cleaning kit attach a Scotch-Brite pad to a cleaning tool and scrub and then use the squeegee tool to slide all the liquid grease and buildup onto the grease tray. Rinse with water, and now your griddle is brand new again.

Similarly, for cleaning your Viking griddle, buy a Viking griddle cleaning kit and this equipment will cut your cleaning time and effort in half.

Rival griddles and electric stove with griddle have similar cleaning process since rival has a wide range of countertop electric griddles. To clean an electric stove with a griddle follow the same steps as cleaning traditional griddles but make sure no water or liquid gets inside.

For cleaning outdoor gourmet griddle, the methods are the same, but since it’s placed outdoor, natural substances might harm it. So clean the griddle immediately if substances like lawn fertilizers, bird dropping, urine, pool chemicals, tree sap, saltwater, etc. touch the griddle. 

Carbon steel griddle and cast iron electric griddle have similar cleaning processes. Just like any other cast iron kitchen equipment, you have to use non-abrasive cleaning tools like a sponge or nylon scrubber to clean a carbon steel griddle and cast iron griddle. Steel wool is discouraged.

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For your cast iron electric griddle, however, not only do you have to use non-abrasive tools for cleaning, and also make sure that no water gets into the burner or stove. Following this griddle cleaner guide will hopefully make griddle cleaning easy for anyone with any range griddle.

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