How to Clean Black Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Clean Black Stainless Steel Appliances -Simple Way

You may hear the name of “Black Stainless Steel” which is a new arrival on the market. Black stainless steel has the same form of iron, chromium, silicon, nickel, and other particles as the popularly known how to clean black stainless steel appliances. But the thing that made black stainless steel different from ordinary stainless steel is its black polymer coating which smoothens the finish as well as brings elegance to the appliances. The most lucrative feature of Black Stainless Steel is its ‘Smudge-Free’ feature. Being, smudge-proof your black stainless steel protects appliances from fingerprints and slight scratches and smudges. However, if you own black stainless steel appliances or, planning to buy black stainless steel appliances in the near future and think of its maintenance and cleaning, this article is for you as there is not any black stainless steel cleaner on the market right now.


Cleaning black stainless steel is not rocket science. It is more or less like cleaning the ordinary stainless steel; rather, it is easier to clean according to the manufacturers. They pointed out its smudge-free nature and having this feature black stainless steel appliances tend to get dirt way lesser than the other appliances.


You can easily clean up a black stainless steel appliance. Follow the steps below –

(i)    Take a cloth (soft would be better) and a bowl of warm water.

(ii)    Now wipe the projected appliance with the cloth gently.

(iii)    Rub the surface of the appliance gently.

(iv)    Now make it dry by rubbing the surface with a dry and clean towel.

(v)    Make sure to clean up the spills.

(vi)     If you are able to clean it successfully, you should see it shining.

 Always keep in mind while cleaning that you should –

(i)    Never use dishwashing Soap/mild soap/other kinds of soap in any circumstances for cleaning purposes.

(ii)    Never dare to pour Water in black stainless steel appliances

(iii)    Avoid commercial/homemade Polish to regain its elegance. (proper cleaning will do fine)

(iv)    Though black stainless steel shares the same formation of ordinary stainless steel, you should not try to use commercial stainless steel cleaners on it. Black stainless steel has a clean finish on the upper part of it, and the stainless steel cleaners will most likely ruin it. 


You may stare at a black stainless steel refrigerator. Some of the brands like Samsung, LG, Bosch are already in the business selling black stainless steel refrigerators. The sleek & shiny look with a smooth finish makes those refrigerators elegant. As there is no such black stainless steel appliances cleaner in the market, you can consider this article to show you some tips & tricks with which you can easily make clean your refrigerator without stainless steel fridge cleaner.

To clean the black stainless steel refrigerator-

(i)    Take a soft cotton cloth with boiling water (any cloth other than cotton will do the same, but the cloth must have the good absorbing ability)

(ii)    Rub the surface “gently.”

(iii)    Afterward, you should use a dry cloth to polish the surface and make it dry.

How to Clean Black Stainless Steel Appliances

What “NOT TO DO” –

(i)    Never use anything which may put a scratch on the surface. The scratch may expose the raw stainless steel inside the cover which may look odd.

(ii)    It is not like standard stainless steel. You should not use anything rough to rub the surface.

(iii)    Never dare to use soap/dishwashing mild soap/toilet soap etc.

(iv)    Never dare to use Lemon/Baking Soda etc.

(v)    Never dare to use anything acidic as it may dissolve on the surface resulting in the classic stainless steel peeping.


Though the modern days’ appliances are now smudged and even scratch proof, some of the items from the earlier time are only smudged proof. These appliances might get scratched somehow. If any minor scratch occurs due to your fault or by anyhow, do not panic.  Follow these steps –

(i)    Do not rub it with hand or, anything else.

(ii)    Take a look at the point carefully.

(iii)    Take a marker. Scribble over the scratch once. (Any black marker will do the same. But black permanent marker is recommended)

(iv)    Rub it gently once or twice to blend the marker color in the projected area.

(v)    Wait for a while and then notice. Magic, you may not be able to recognize it unless you are looking for it intently.


Keeping black stainless appliances clean is not that much hard. You should rub the surface of the appliance at least once in a week. This little work protects its shiny outer part not to get dirt. While cleaning does not use steel materials (e.g., .steel wool), old newspaper or other, which shows the abrasive quality. Also avoid commercial cleaners (though there is not any black stainless steel cleaner in the market, yet people tend to use window cleaner, oven cleaner, dishwashing soap, etc. while cleaning black steel appliances). Try to maintain the proper cleaning method while cleaning. Cleaning in a proper way, allows the appliances to serve you longer days. And if anything, happen, try to contact the manufacturer. Do not try to do things that you have learned from YouTube. If YouTube could do all the things, then the repair shop owners would starve to death. But if it a little damage or minor scratch you may fix it all your own. Use the marker to scribble and then buff gently to the area with a cloth or, town (cotton is preferable). Do not do it more than twice, as the ink may get a blast and it will ruin the elegant look of your appliances.


Last but not least, black stainless steel is new on the market. Its lucrative smudge-free (some brands are offering the scratch-free feature too) feature attracts the consumers easily.  As there is not any single black stainless steel cleaner available on the market, you should follow the steps of this article and be aware of not doing the things mentioned in the article while cleaning to ensure your appliances more extended service.

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