How to Clean Crane Humidifier

How to Clean Crane Humidifier

Have you bought a cute crane penguin humidifier recently but don’t know a thing about crane humidifier cleaning? Then this guide is here to assist you with all the knowledge necessary for cleaning your crane humidifier.

Now, before you even start with the process of cleaning, you must read your crane humidifier manual. Whether it’s a crane teardrop humidifier or a penguin one, there should be some general
rules in your crane humidifier manual which are given below.

First, you must turn off and unplug your humidifier. You should never touch the plug with water because that might give you shock or damage part of the machine. You should never use hot
water in the machine and also you should use distilled or filtered water to prevent white dust.

You should never use detergent to clean your crane humidifier parts because when the detergent film dissolves with water, the unit output would change. So you can either use water-vinegar
solution or bleach in your humidifier for crane humidifier disinfection.

Let’s take a look at How to clean Crane humidifier

Firstly turn off and unplug the machine, don’t forget this part even by mistake because this will ruin your machine. You have to wait a few minutes to start taking the crane humidifier parts off;
you must follow your crane humidifier directions during this process.


After taking the water tank out of the base and removing all the accessories, you can start the process of cleaning crane humidifier. For your crane humidifier disinfection, you can always
count on white vinegar. You can begin by filling the tank almost full of water.

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White Vinegar


After that add 2-3 tablespoon of vinegar in the water, and close the cap tightly. You need to shake the tank strongly for half a minute and then open the cap and drain all the solution inside.
Then rinse the tank thoroughly with normal water to clean all trace of the vinegar.

Keep rinsing the tank with water until you can’t smell the vinegar anymore. In that state give it another wash and dry it off. You can check your tank for any damage or defect during this
process so that there is no accidental leaking which might cause water damage while you use it.

Now comes the part where you disinfect humidifier crane accessories. If you have added accessories like a diffuser, then you should know the process of cleaning those too. The method
is the same; you have to use a vinegar-water solution for cleaning crane humidifier parts.

Pour two tablespoons of vinegar into a gallon of water and soak the accessories in this solution. Wait for ten minutes and then take them out. Scrub any residue or buildup left in them with acotton swab or soft wet cloth. Rinse the accessories properly and dry them before using them

When you clean the base; you have to be extra careful so that no water or vinegar gets inside the fan vent of your crane teardrop humidifier. This part is the most important part of crane humidifier cleaning so you must be cautious when you disinfect humidifier crane base.

If you have removed the humidifier tank, then fill the base to almost full with water, up to the maximum fill line. After that, you should add two tablespoons of vinegar in the water and let the
solution sit for about half an hour. You shouldn’t shake or stir the water, keep the solution still.

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After half an hour, the dirt would start to come loose. Drain all the water and look inside if there is any sludge, debris or dirt left. Use a soft wet cloth or a cotton swab to clean inside the nukes
and crannies. Then rinse the base thoroughly until the smell of vinegar completely disappears.

After cleaning you have to completely dry off the base before you can use it again. If you use it regularly, you must clean it every week. If you don’t use it too often then cleaning after every 2-3 weeks will be okay.

If you don’t follow this cleaning schedule properly, then your humidifier might have sludge or mold in it. These will stop your machine from working and mold spreading through moist air is
never a good thing. However, you can use bleach in your humidifier to remove mold.

If you’re using your humidifier regularly, then you can clean it with bleach every ten days to kill off the mold. You can use half a cup of bleach and one-gallon water solution to disinfect the
machine. First, you need to put the mixture inside the humidifier and turn it on.

You should keep the machine on up until it starts to mist. Then stop it and leave the mixture to sit for a few minutes. After that rinse the machine thoroughly with water and fill it up with water
again. Turn the switch on and let it mist until there is no smell of bleach left.

After this step, drain the water again and rinse for the last time. Now you can fill the tank with fresh and clean water for use.

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If you follow the methods I explained above then crane humidifier cleaning wouldn’t feel like such a chore, and your machine would last longer than expected; providing you and your family
an excellent humid environment inside your home.

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