How To Clean Keurig Mini-A Complete Guideline

The Keurig Mini is a great choice when it comes to compact, inexpensive, and efficient coffee makers. However, it is crucial to keep the machine running smoothly to keep up with regular maintenance.

The machine requires cleaning both inside and out to ensure that you get your daily morning coffee without any hurdles. You can easily clean your coffee machine using a sponge and some vinegar.

Although it is a quick and easy process, many people can face difficulties while cleaning their coffee makers. We have provided step-by-step instructions to ease your worries. Keep reading to know how to clean Keurig Mini.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean A Keurig Mini?

It is a given that any machine will not work correctly over time if it does not receive proper care and maintenance. While using your Keurig Mini, the oil and minerals from coffee and water might build up in the tubes or tanks. 

This build-up can result in the needle getting clogged, which would prevent the machine from brewing and functioning correctly. It can even cause bacteria or mold to grow inside, two things we want to keep far away from our coffee.

Things You Need To Start The Cleaning Process

There are a bunch of things that you need before you can start cleaning your Keurig Mini. We have provided the list of necessary items you need to ensure a proper cleansing.

  • White vinegar 
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Clean water
  • A ceramic mug
  • Keurig rinse pods (or paper clips)
  • A sponge or cloth
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Keurig Mini Cleaning Process

Now comes the good part, the cleaning process. Once you have arranged all the necessary supplies, you can start cleaning your coffee maker. Here are the step-by-step instructions for cleaning a Keurig Min

Cleaning The Exterior And Dip Tray

1.Turn the machine off and unplug it 

Before you move forward fast with the cleaning process, it is necessary to unplug the machine from its power source. If the machine is on and plugged in, you might be at risk of getting an electric shock.

Additionally, unplugging the machine will make it easy for you to carry it around and take all the parts apart to properly clean the inner parts. 

2.Wipe the exterior 

Take a piece of cloth, or you can also take a sponge and then dip it in soap water. Then, you have to wipe down the outer part of the machine. You are likely to find coffee stains on the exterior of your machine, especially if you have a white Keurig Mini. 

A pink Keurig Mini or a purple Keurig Mini is likely to make coffee stains and drips more visible. 

3.Take off the dip tray and clean it.

The dip tray is situated at the front of the machine under the spout. Dip tray is what you put your mug or cup on while brewing coffee.

To remove the dip tray, hold the machine in place with one hand and slide the tray out towards you. This tray might have liquid inside as it holds overflowed and spilled coffee. You will have to keep this important thing in mind while removing it.

After removing it, place the dip tray over your sink and remove any remaining liquids. Wipe down the tray with a damp sponge and clean everything thoroughly. 

It would not be difficult to clean the dip tray with just a damp sponge if you clean this part often. However, if the tray is too dirty, you can apply dish soap to your sponge. Once you are done wiping the dip tray, rinse it with warm water. 

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4.Insert the dip tray back into the machine 

Now that your dip tray is clean, you can reinsert it into the machine. After being seated correctly in the coffee maker, take a cloth and wipe the exterior one last time. It is wise to clean the dip tray at least once a week if you use your Keurig Mini regularly. 

Cleaning The Water Reservoir And Cup Area

1.Take out the cup holder after opening the cup area 

The area where you insert your K-cups is called the cup area. Lift the handle situated above the front of the machine to open it. 

This cup consists of two parts, and you can pull it apart once you detach it. There is a funnel at the bottom and a cup piece at the top. 

2.Clean the drip area

Take a paperclip and clean the area through which the coffee drips. This small hole needs to be cleaned properly so that it does not get clogged, which could cause the coffee maker to malfunction. 

To clean the drip area, insert a paper clip through the hole. There are special tools designed specifically to clean the drip area that you can purchase. However, a paper clip would do the same job. 

Once you are done cleaning the drip area, rinse both parts of the cup holder with warm water and reinsert them in the machine. 

3.If your Keurig Mini has a removable water reservoir, clean it.

Keurig Minis, like the Mini Plus, have a water reservoir that you can remove. Remove the reservoir from the machine and rinse it with soap and a sponge. Ensure that you clean the reservoir both inside and out thoroughly. 

In case your Keurig Mini does not have a removable water reservoir, descaling cleaning will clean the water reservoir as well. You do not need to clean this part as frequently as the dip tray. Clean it once every 2 to 3 weeks if you use your coffee maker frequently. If you do not use it often, cleaning it monthly will be enough.

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Descaling A Keurig Mini

1.Turn on the machine and place a mug on the dip tray.

You will need to put vinegar through the machine to descale it. Therefore, it should be plugged in. 

2.Pour vinegar into the water reservoir. 

Be sure to use white vinegar to fill up your water reservoir. Different Keurig Mini models require a different amount of vinegar. Generally, one cup should be enough. 

You can also use Keurig descaling solution, but using vinegar would do the same job at a cheaper cost. After filling the reservoir, repeatedly close and open the lever. Then, press the “brew” button. 

The vinegar will thoroughly clean the machine and then deposit it on the mug on the drip tray. Throw away the vinegar and repeat the cycle. 

Next, turn on the machine but stop brewing just after it starts. When the vinegar starts being deposited in the cup, turn off the power button. 

Start the machine again after half an hour and press “brew.” Throw away the vinegar again and repeat the same process with clean water to clean the machine. 

You may have to brew water through the machine a couple of times to completely get rid of the vinegar taste. It is advised to descale your Keurig Mini once every three months.

How To Clean Keurig Mini Without Using Vinegar?

All ingredients might not be available or accessible at all times. There is now nothing for you to worry about if you do not have vinegar to clean your Keurig Mini. 

It is indeed possible to clean your coffee machine without vinegar by substituting vinegar with water. You will need to repeat the descaling process we have mentioned here.


Usually, the Keurig Mini instructions demonstrate how to clean and descale the machine properly. It is wise to take apart the machine once in a while and clean the whole thing thoroughly. 

We hope that this write-up helps you to efficiently clean your Keurig Mini. It is a simple process and will ensure that the machine works smoothly. You can follow the instructions manual to clean the machine or simply follow the methods we have provided.

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