How to Get Burn Marks Off Concrete

How to Get Burn Marks Off Concrete? Best 5 Ways to Remove Burn Marks (2022)

Patios, garage floors, retaining walls, and walkways are some of the many locations inside and outside of a home that might benefit from concrete installation. Burn marks can appear on concrete if a barbecue or an outdoor fire pit happens on the surface, or if the pit is too close to a concrete wall.

If you are one of those who wants to know how to get rid of burn marks on concrete, then you can use washing soda and water to get rid of them, or you can make an alkaline cleanser with washing soda, borax, dish soap, and water. Both of these methods are effective. Harsh chemicals, such as those found in some cleaners, can etch or otherwise harm concrete in a variety of ways.

Burn markings of a dark color are also left on concrete by unintentional fires. The beauty of the concrete diminishes by the heat from the fire, yet the structural integrity of the concrete is not compromised in any way.

Taking no further, let’s jump to the ways of “how to get burn marks on concrete.”

How to Remove Scratches and Burn Marks from Concrete?

Burn scars can take place on your sidewalk, porch, or driveway if there was a fire or another incident that occurred nearby. Concrete might be challenging to clean, but it is possible to remove burn traces from the surface.

When washing concrete, it is important to avoid using any harsh chemicals, especially any cleaners that contain acid, as they can cause the concrete to deteriorate. Instead, choose more gentle cleaners like baking soda, dish soap, and water to get the job done.

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There are several different approaches that you can use to restore the fresh appearance of your concrete.

Pressure Washer

You might need to use a pressure washer to get the job done. If you do not have access to a pressure washer, you can use a high-pressure nozzle on a garden hose.

It’s possible that the stain on the concrete can get removed using a strong and focused jet of water that’s directed at the burn mark.

Powdered Dish Detergent

Powdered dish detergent is a powerful cleanser that is also kind to the environment. Getting rid of stains quickly has never been easier than with this procedure.

  • Pour one gallon of hot water into a large bucket. Add one cup of powdered dish soap to the water in the bucket.
  • To remove the stain, put a bristle brush into the soap mixture and then scrub it away with the brush.
  • Start scrubbing the stain from the outside edge, where it is not as deeply embedded, and work your way inward. Move closer and closer to the center.
  • Give the area a thorough washing with warm water.
  • Perform further steps as required until the spot is totally removed.

Liquid Dish Soap

Dishwashing liquid is usable to clean practically everything without leaving any kind of residue. If you already have a finish on your concrete and don’t want it to become tarnished, this is a fantastic alternative for you to consider.

To a bucket, pour in one gallon of hot water from the tap. After mixing in one-half cup of borax and one-half cup of washing soda, add one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Mix well. Clean the damaged concrete by scrubbing it with the solution using a push broom or a scrub brush with harsher bristles. After that, you can wash the concrete with a hose. Follow the steps for an easier understanding. 

  • Put a gallon of warm water and a half cup of liquid dish soap in a big bucket. Stir until the soap gets dissolved.
  • Scrub the affected area with sudsy water and a bristled brush to remove any burn marks.
  • Do the last washing with water.
  • Perform steps 2-4 as necessary.
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Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective natural cleaner that can is present in most grocery stores. It is able to eliminate a wide variety of stains, including those that get embedded in concrete, without leaving any trace behind.

  • Apply a generous amount of water to the affected region.
  • Combine the baking soda and the water to form a thick paste. Combine all of the ingredients in a small bowl, making sure there is enough to cover the whole affected region.
  • Apply the paste to the charred areas, and then wait approximately one hour for it to dry.
  • Using a brush with short, fine bristles, scrub the concrete.
  • Give the area the last rinse by either spraying it with water from a hose or pouring water from a bucket all over it.
  • If there are still burn marks, you will need to repeat the process.

If you are trying to find a way to clean the burn marks in a homemade way, then you can also follow the below method.

Homemade Alkaline Cleaner

If the concrete has a number of burn areas, you can make your own solution that is also effective in removing grime and grease or oily stains by mixing the two together. The powerful detergent characteristics of an alkaline cleanser allow it to remove stains while simultaneously neutralizing the acidic substances that produce stains.

It’s possible that you’ll need to repeat the process a few times before the marks on your concrete are fully removed. Also, more than one of these strategies would be beneficial. If one doesn’t work for you, try another, or mix two of them for increased destructive potential.

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When it comes to smoke damage, how far along can you get concrete before it needs replacing?

Use a wire brush and a solution of warm water and Tri-Sodium Phosphate on a small area of concrete that has been damaged by fire. These items are commonly carried at hardware stores. Dry ice blasting is rapidly replacing other methods for restoring huge regions damaged by fire.

How do you recommend scrubbing concrete?

For moderately dirty concrete patios, a mixture of bleach, water, and 1/8 cup of dishwashing liquid is all that’s needed for a thorough cleaning. If so, does white vinegar work on cleaning concrete? Both lightly polluted (using a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water) and excessively soiled (using straight vinegar) concrete patios can benefit from cleaning with vinegar.


Finally, after reading this article, we have got a clear idea of how to get burn marks on concrete. To summarize, burn marks on concrete may be properly cleaned using a variety of different cleaning procedures. Start with the abovementioned solutions, which are the least things you can do until the burn marks disappear.

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