How To Get Great Stuff Off Your Hands

How To Get Great Stuff Off Your Hands

When it comes to strengthening the pillars of the house or fixing any wooden work or your sink, great stuff is your safety net. But what happens if you accidentally get great stuff in your hands? And you have no idea how to get great stuff off your hands.

It is a matter to worry about because although it does not create any severe damage to your skin.

 But you will soon start to feel itchy. And that is very irritating. To get rid of these problems, we have scouted out some solutions, so stay with us to know about them.

Few Facts 

I know you guys are eager to jump-start knowing how to get rid of the great stuff. But there are little snippets of things you must keep in mind. Don’t panic by seeing the great stuff in your hand; take a deep breath and relax. Most importantly, immediately don’t start to peel it off from your hands; using the correct technique is essential. Otherwise, it can cause damage to your skin. 

Great Stuff When Uncured or Wet

If the great stuff is uncured or wet, it is essential to remove it immediately before severe damage to the skin. Don’t worry; the removal process is not that hard work; you need to follow a few steps.

Wiping Of the Great Stuff

As quickly as possible, remove the great stuff from your hand as it is still wet on your skin. Wipe your hands gently with any paper towel or disposal rag for removal. And so that it doesn’t get more into your skin, tie off the used rags in a plastic bag after the work is done.

Wipe Hands With Acetone Or Nail Polish Remover

Once you have successfully removed the great stuff from your hands, wipe the area with acetone. If you don’t have raw acetone, you can use nail polish remover, which contains acetone. To understand if your nail polish remover has acetone, you can check the list of ingredients, which is usually at the back of the side of the bottle.

Lastly, use a thick paper towel or cotton balls for wiping as using thin material like toilet paper can easily tear when wiping.

Washing Hands Off

Wash your hand with mild soap and lukewarm water. Ensure to scrub your hand correctly to remove all acetone in your hands. It will also help in removing any leftover great stuff in your hands.


After washing off the acetone from your hands, it can become dry and not hydrated. So your hands need to be moisturized. You can use body lotion, petroleum, or any natural oil. By doing so, your hands will get hydrated and moisturized.

Great Stuff When Cured or Dried

If the great stuff gets dried, it is difficult to remove it, which may cause bleeding from your skin. But if you follow the steps mentioned carefully, it might get off without any or much damage to your skin.

Rubbing With Pumice Stone

Gently rub your hands with a pumice stone to remove the dried great stuff from your hands. Try to get rid of as much great stuff as you can by rubbing. But do not rub very harshly as it can cause severe damage to your skin. Now, this thought might come to your mind: where can I find pumice stone? Don’t freight; you can quickly get it in any conventional store as many people use this stone to rub their feet.

Washing Hands

Wash your hands with warm water and with soap as much as you can. When the great stuff comes into contact with water, the substance will get softer, making it easier to remove after you are done with the rubbing session.


After washing hands, you need to exfoliate your hands. You can use your regular body exfoliator, or if you want to make your exfoliator, you can also do that. To make your exfoliator, take any sure, be it white or brown, then mix it with any oil, coconut, vegetable, or other. 

After it is done, wash your hands with lukewarm water. Just mix both of them and apply the paste to your hands. Make sure to use many of them and give special attention to the areas you feel are rough.

Wrapping Hands

After the exfoliation, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly or lanolin to your hands. It will give enough time for the great stuff to loosen from your skin. After applying, wrap your hands with clean gloves or a plastic bag. If they are not available, you can also clean socks; make sure your hands are wrapped up properly; after that, leave your wrapped hands for an hour and two.

Last Washing hands

I know it might get tiring to wash hands so much, but I promise this is the last time you will be washing hands in this process. Remove the covering or wrapping from your hands and wash your hands with warm water and soap. This way, the last stage of removing the great stuff is over. But by any chance, still there some great stuff is left, then you can reapply petroleum jelly or lanolin in your hands and wrap them. 


The process of removing the cured and uncured great stuff is straightforward. But if it is not done correctly and carefully, then it can cause damage to your skin. Don’t rub the skin vigorously or harshly if you do that; then, the skin can get torn or even start bleeding. Another remember to use lukewarm water when washing hands, not scalding hot that can burn your skin. And lastly, to avoid or prevent getting great stuff in your hands, use gloves while working them. 


Hopefully, the ideas we have presented you on how to get great stuff off your hands will be helpful for you. Just follow the steps carefully and be gentle with them. Then everything will be ok. If you try to do things in a hurry, then it will only cause further damage to your skin and waste your time, so carefully deal with the steps.

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