How to Take Apart Bunk Beds

How to Take Apart Bunk Beds || Step By Step Guide For You

When it comes to moving day, disassembling bunk beds is likely to be one of the most time-consuming and laborious tasks. The more you prepare for even the smallest details, the more probable it is that you will feel prepared to face the moving day.

If you want to proceed with how to take apart bunk beds, you need to disassemble the bunk beds. Start by taking the mattress off the top bunk, followed by the ladder and the guard rail. Take the top bunk off the lower bed, then remove the pins and replace the mattress on the bottom bed.

Since bunk beds are both heavy and difficult to transport. It is vital to make the necessary preparations to disassemble the bunk in an orderly fashion before it is over.

Why Do You Need to Separate Bunk Beds?


There could be a couple of reasons why you need to separate the bunk beds. 

Children who have to sleep in the same room together will find that bunk beds are a great solution. They are more enjoyable for youngsters to sleep on and play on than two separate beds would be, and they take up less space on the floor.

At some point, you may decide that it is best to separate the children into two groups. It can also be if they are not mature enough for the trust and responsibility of mounting a ladder or sleeping and playing in a bunk on an elevated level. Some sets of bunk beds are of such a design that they could get disassembled, which only requires the use of a few standard tools.

Another reason could be house shifting. At this point, you might have to transfer your house to another place. For that, you need to separate the bunk beds. Because bunk beds are cumbersome and heavy to relocate, it is imperative that you make the necessary preparations to disassemble them in an orderly fashion before you move.

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We strongly suggest disassembling your bunk bed in advance of the moving truck’s arrival. Because of this, you won’t have to scramble to disassemble your bunk bed in the event that your attempts to pivot it in a variety of directions in order to fit it through the door frame are unsuccessful.


Step By Step Guide To Apart Bunk Beds


The essentials for dismantling a bunk bed:

  • an Allen (hex) key.
  • Hex (or Allen) keys.
  • slotted driver
  • A screwdriver with a Phillips head

Bunk beds are typically constructed out of either wood or metal and can come in a variety of sizes. If you have already purchased one of these, you should have the accompanying handbook with instructions on how to build and disassemble it by now.

If, on the other hand, you have constructed your own bunk bed, we will be happy to assist you by providing some straightforward instructions on how to do so without much difficulty.

You will be responsible for assembling the following components: footboards, headboards, side rails, a ladder, support slats, and a safety rail for the top bunk. First things first: let’s go over what you should do.

Step 1

Check the instructions that came with your bunk beds to make sure that they can be or are not dismantled without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

Step 2

You need to take the mattress off the top bunk. Raising the edge of the mattress up and over the safety bars located on the side of the bed is easiest to access and most convenient. Put it carefully on its side, then carefully raise it up on its side and prop it against a wall that is not in your working area.

Step 3

Get rid of the ladder. Either it is hooked over the slats and has a security bolt, or it screws or attaches to the frame at the edge of the top bunk and at other locations along the frame. Another option is that it is not secured in any way. Before you take the ladder down, you need to unscrew all of the bolts and screws.

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Step 4

Turn off the screws and pull out any bolts or slides that are securing the stacked beds. These are typically installed at the point where the underside of the upper bed and the overside of the lower bed frame meet the bed posts. Check for bolts and slides not only in the posts but also in any other spot where the top bunk and bottom bunk might meet.

Step 5

When you go to a corner, carefully lift the top bunk off of the bottom bed. Move the bed away from any walls that are close by, and then have a helper stand at one end while you hoist it. Raising the object until the posts become dislodged, and then lowering both ends of it simultaneously to the ground.

Step 6

Inspect the underside of the bedposts for any protruding dowels or other things and remove them before placing the bed on the floor.

Step 7

After removing the bed rails, reinstall the mattress on the top bunk.

Step 8

Take off any dowels, screws, or hinges that are connecting the bunks. Place it in a secure location for storage.

Precaution and Safety Measures

The act of dismantling furniture can be hazardous if something falls on you, particularly if you are not wearing the appropriate protection gear, such as boots with steel toes.

  • Put on the appropriate safety gear. Put on protective gear at all times. Accidents happen! Wearing long pants and shoes with closed toes can help lessen the chance of harm
  • Keep all of the nuts, bolts, and screws together in a plastic bag and name it so that it doesn’t get lost in the pile of random nuts and bolts left over from your relocation.
  • Before loading the bed frames onto the truck, protect them from scuffs and scratches by wrapping them in moving blankets specifically designed for that purpose.
  • You can prevent dust from getting into your mattresses by wrapping them in plastic.
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The above suggestions will also make it simpler for you to reassemble your dismantled bunk bed on the opposite side.


How are the bunks of a bed kept together?

Bunk beds may also connect using a fastening device, which can be made of either metal or wood. The top bunk cannot slide off the bottom supports because of the fastening device, which spans the seam between the two bunks and with screws.

Do you have to secure a bunk bed to the wall?

You might feel more comfortable with the unit’s security if you mount it to the wall, despite the use of strong wood in the construction. 

Most parents will do this if they choose to, but it’s not mandatory with bunk beds. There are alternatives to permanently attaching a bunk bed to the wall that can provide the same level of security.


When it’s time to move into a new home, disassembling bunk beds can be one of the most time-consuming pieces of furniture to disassemble. Among the many, this might be the reason why you are here to search for how to take apart bunk beds.

By reading this article, you will be able to find out everything about your question. Moreover, to summarize the whole fact you can easily apart the bunk beds with the following suggestions that we have provided to you.

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