Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer Installation

Do you ever think of your kitchen without microwaves? A microwave oven is an inseparable part of our kitchen as it works like a pro in our simple solutions. However, a regular microwave oven can be troublesome because of the size and space. Hence, we need to take care of it from time to time.

With this in mind, you can renovate your kitchen with a microwave drawer. It is a complete solution for saving up your kitchen counter space. Moreover, the best part is – it is super easy to keep clean. So, if you want to give your kitchen an aesthetic look, then a microwave drawer is the best option for you.

The Kitchenaid drawer microwave can be an ideal option for you since it offers tons of features, including sensor functions, auto touch open/close, child-proof, stylish design, and much more. You find a lot of options while buying a microwave drawer. However, we choose Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer to review in this article.

Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer-All Details 

The Kitchenaid kmbd104gss microwave drawer is fit for your kitchen. It works as an all-in-one solution. Whether you need to make your morning coffee or quick breakfast, or you want to make some popcorn on your evening movie time, it serves you with all your purposes.

The Kitchenaid under-counter Microwave drawer comes with 950 Watt heating power and 1.2 Cu. Ft. capacity. It helps you to cook your meal fast. In addition, the auto touch on/off function lessens your trouble even more.

Although this drawer microwave is freaking expensive, it is your ultimate ‘kitchen aid’ microwave drawer. Moreover, this oven type of microwave drawer is easy to install and use. It will help you free up a lot of space in your kitchen.


Cooking Power: The Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer helps you cook whatever you want- from cooking vegetables and meat to heating the leftovers and frozen foods. The 950 Watt heating capacity is perfect for your quick breakfast solution.

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Sensor functions: This microwave drawer comes with a lot of sensor functions, including Timed Defrost, Keep Warm Function, Sensor Popcorn, etc. in addition, another sensor can detect the humidity of the processing food to help you optimize the time. Choose the preferable option and get your food ready.

 Capacity: The 1.2 Cu. Ft. interior capacity provides enough space for any sized containers to fit in it. In addition, it also prevents spilling hot curry inside the oven. So, you do not have to worry about cleaning your microwave drawer every time you use it.

Auto Touch System: The last thing you have to worry about in the kitchen drawer microwave is opening and closing the drawer. It just takes one to two seconds to open/close the drawer with one single touch.

Classic Design: The manufacturers made this Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer with a classic stainless steel look. It is enough alone to brighten your kitchen look.

Freeing Counter Space: One of the critical features of the KitchenAid under the counter microwave is that it saves massive counter space. Moreover, it also provides enough cabinet space on top of the counter for your dishes, perfect for the kitchen drawers and islands.

Easy to maintain: The unique features of the KitchenAid drawer microwave make the oven drawer easy to use. You can see all the functions on display and make whatever you want with an auto touch. Moreover, it is a hidden drawer and easily accessible. So, you do not have to clean it every day since it does not get stained quickly.

Perfect for Remodeling Kitchen: If you want to say goodbye to your old microwave to renovate your kitchen room, the Kitchenaid kmbd104gss microwave drawer is necessary. It not only saves up your kitchen space but also gives your kitchen a complete aesthetic look.

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Installation: The kitchen aid microwave drawer requires a professional installation. But the installation process is easy. It comes with a three-prong plug-in cord. However, the keypads do not light up.

Quality with No Compromise: The Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer comes with all the latest features that ensure you a long-term guarantee. The official

warranty is two years.


Microwave Type: Drawer

Product Size: 16 inches in height
23 15/16 inches in width
23 ½ inches in depth

Product Weight: 74 pounds
Brand: Kitchenaid
Model Number: kmbd104gss
Color: Stainless steel
Cooking Power: 950 Watt
Capacity: 1.2 Cubic Ft.
Defrost: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Cooking Light: No
Grill: No
Timer: Yes


  •          Under-counter microwave drawer.
  •          Counter and space-saving.
  •          Easy installation process.
  •          Auto touch open/close automatic drawer.
  •          Easy to use and clean.
  • ·        Perfect for renovating the kitchen.
  •          Add a modern look with stainless steel color.


  •          No Grill.
  •          No sensor light in the control panel.

KitchenAid Drawer Microwave Buying Guide

If you want to alter your regular microwave oven with a perfect microwave drawer, you will find several options and varieties for that. However, choosing a perfect drawer microwave is not relatively easy for renovating your kitchen space.

To buy a good microwave drawer, you need to know some general features that help you with this. The Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer can be a good option for you as it offers you more benefits.

With this in mind, we help you with a basic guideline that makes your decision easier to buy the perfect microwave drawer for you.

Built-in Microwave

The microwave drawer must have a built-in microwave in it. A built-in microwave has a built-in cabinet that perfectly fits the wall or kitchen island.

When you decide to purchase a microwave drawer, you should prefer a built-in microwave over a freestanding one. The Kitchenaid drawer microwave provides a built-in system that is perfect in size to fit into your kitchen drawer, island, and wall.

Convenient Microwave Door

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A microwave is the easiest solution in our everyday cooking. As a result, we need this important kitchen tool every now and then. Since a microwave drawer is a built-in drawer, it should have an easy open/close system.

The Kitchenaid under counter microwave provides you with this particular advantage. Its auto touch open/close system makes the process a lot easier than you think.

 Easy to use

The microwave drawer has to be easy to maintain. It would help if you looked for a kitchen drawer that causes less trouble while cleaning and using.

Isn’t it great if you get an aesthetic kitchen look with a microwave drawer that takes almost no effort? The Kitchenaid drawer microwave works on that. You can easily use it with multiple sensor functions and save up more time while preparing your meal.

Large Interior Space

You have to make sure you have a microwave drawer with ample counter space capacity. That will help you fix any container into the oven. So, you will be able to use it for multi-purpose.

The Kitchenaid under counter microwave drawer saves up the kitchen space and leaves a huge space to make any meal.

Those are the primary features you should look for while buying a perfect microwave drawer.


Nowadays, people always look for something straightforward. Whether you need to prepare a quick meal or heat something to eat, you always have to depend on a microwave oven. In the meantime, a microwave drawer makes things easier.A Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer offers you tons of the latest features and creates a modernist environment in your kitchen room. To sum up, this Microwave drawer is something you can rely on without any doubt.

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