Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Top 5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances For Any Home

Tasty and versatile modern foods demand a modern kitchen. And you may wonder while choosing appliances for your kitchen. Always consider your needs and lifestyle while choosing appliances for your kitchen.

In This article, I’ll talk about some of the must-have kitchen appliances which are handy and useful.

Let’s Take a look at  Must Have Kitchen Appliances


(i) Knives:

Knives are a must-have small but useful item for each and every type of kitchen. Maybe a set of knives gives your kitchen an elegant look, but the whole set is not necessary. A few (usually two or three) 9- to 10- inch knife including a chef’s knife and preparing knife will meet the primary purpose. Check the handles of knives carefully before buying.


(ii)Cutting Boards:

You’ll need a cutting board to cut the things. Usually, two cutting boards will meet the necessity. One for cooked foods and the other for the raw/uncooked foods to avoid cross-contamination, which is also a threat to health. Cutting boards are usually made of plastic or, wood. Choose the ones which are dishwasher- safe, durable, and easy to clean.


(iii) Bowls:

Normally a set of three stainless steel bowls will meet your daily needs. Try to choose the sizes precisely as fitting the bowls inside one another will undoubtedly save your space. Bowls tend to be inexpensive and last long.



(iv) Spoons and Cups:

Your kitchen should be furnished at least one full set of measuring spoons and two sets of measuring cups as it will be needed for measuring ingredients while preparing foods. Check out the handles and leveled-off labeling before buying.

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Spoons and Cups

(v) Cookware, Bakeware, and Containers:

It is wise to choose nonstick skillets for the beginners. You’ll need both small and large nonstick skillets. You’ll also need both small and large stainless steel skillets, as well as small and large stockpot and saucepans. At least one standard-sized baking pan (usually 9- by-13 inch baking pan), a roasting pan, pizza -pan, baking sheets, glasses and dishes of different sizes according to your need. Storage containers needed for storing unused ingredients or, storing leftovers so that you can eat them later and do not wasting the food. There are different sized and shaped stainless steel, and plastic containers are available in the market. Choose among them according to your needs.



2.(i) Water Purifier:

You will need a water purifier if you want to maintain yourself and your family from water-borne diseases. Let’s forget the old days when we used to boil water to purify and then wait to cool down the water and the drink. In modern days, you can drink purified water without almost hassle-freely. Nowadays, electric water purifiers allow you to drink minerals filled water.


Water Purifier

(ii)Rice Cooker:

Rice Cookers allow you to cook rice easily and quickly. You may list it as a must-have cooking appliance if you love to eat rice more often.




(iii)Slow Cooker:

Slow Cookers are great for busy persons who usually don’t get much time to get the food ready. After returning from the office, you can set up your meals on a slow cooker and enjoy a movie. It is great for dinners.


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(iv)Pressure Cooker:

Pressure Cookers can be termed as a magic-box, which can reduce the cooking time up to 70%. Usually, the boil is steamed way, but in the pressure cooker, the boil can’t steam away rather the boil is used for cooking the food in a compact chamber. Moreover, using a pressure cooker for making food allows you to keep in good shape as it enhances the richness, natural flavors, and nutrition of the food. Consider it as a useful cooking appliance.


Pressure Cooker

3. Toaster, Oven, Kettle:

You can consider toaster, oven and an electric kettle as a basic requirement of your kitchen. Toasters are needed for crisping the bread and bagels. Ovens do the job of heating the food and give the food a fresh look. An electric kettle is a small but very useful kitchen appliance without which you can’t imagine your kitchen. You’ll need most of the time of your cooking. If you are a tea/coffee lover, you’ll need it now and then.


4.Blender, Food Processor, Mixer:

Blender’s performance at mixing/blending liquid is top-notch. Though Food-Processor and Mixer look and work, the same they are best in their own sectors. Blender is a must-have home appliance if you are a ‘smoothie person.’ Blenders are great blending fruits and veggies without your toil. It has a set of cups for different purposes. Besides, blenders are long-lasting and available in reasonable prices. It is recommended must have an electric appliance.


Food-Processor is a multi-tasking small home appliance which can be used for different purposes like shredding, mixing, slicing, etc. It is recommended that food processors can show their skills when it deals with solid substances.

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Food Processor


If you use the baking method more often, a mixer will be very useful to you. And you may like it so much that, you may want to bake regularly instead of being an occasional bake-lover. This small electric kitchen appliance works like magic in mixing the ingredients. This thing will undoubtedly save your time and energy, and it mixes ingredients more accurately than your hands.


You will need a refrigerator to prevent the raw food from getting rotten. You may consider it a small household appliance also. You can preserve processed food also in the refrigerator rather than wasting it. In modern days, refrigerator allows you to keep your vegetables and foods fresh. Also, there are several dishes and items like desserts, sweets, ice-creams, which is often preferred to taste in freezing conditions. You can also use the freezer part to make ice-cubes, which certainly will add a flavor while making cold drinks or smoothies. In a word, you can consider your refrigerator as the ‘ultimate storage,’ as the refrigerator is the place where all of your raw and processed food ends up for later use.


You may need to invest separately if you want to add more space in the freezer.

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